Joe Rogan Inspired Pizza: Anchovies, Pineapple, And The Spirit Of Innovation

I’m sharing another one of my original pizza recipes with you today, along with a little backstory. This is the story of how a simple podcast listening session in my kitchen evolved into a gastronomic adventure.

Joe Rogan Inspired Pizza

The Spark of Inspiration

Let me set the scene: it’s just a typical day of mine as I relax and listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast in the background. This time, he welcomes Elon Musk, the futurist of electric vehicles, spaceships, and subterranean transit, as a guest, and the conversation takes an unexpected turn. When Joe discusses his passion for a special pizza topping combination—double anchovies and double pineapple—they are delving into life’s major questions.

Elon liked how it was really salty with a hint of sweetness. They make the decision to place an order there and then, in a sequence of events that demonstrates how impulsive life can be. And they’re not just looking for any old pizza—they want an extra-large one that is blatantly topped with the two toppings that are most likely to divide opinions.

Check out their meeting and see the pizza in all its splendor on TikTok! The scene was so bizarre that it found its way there! I laughed at the arrogance at first. At that point I thought, “Hey, if it’s good enough for two geniuses, it’s good enough for my Baking Steel!” So, spurred on by Elon and Joe, I made the contentious decision to reproduce this masterpiece.

The Adventure Begins

With my Baking Steel Original in hand and a voracious appetite, I set out to make my own take on this pizza. I turned on my home oven, which is the best place to make pizza, and went to work. Allow me to guide you, step-by-step, through the magic:

Step 1: The Dough

I began by balling up our 72-hour dough and letting it rest at room temperature for three hours. The base is where the essence of a pizza is, after all. I’m not kidding when I say that our 72-hour dough recipe is the best there is.

Step 2: The Toppings

The show’s headliners, the anchovies and pineapple, then appeared. The contrast in flavor profile between the sweet and acidic pineapple and the salty and briny anchovies could only be characterized as daringly cool and delightful.

Once the dough has been stretched, evenly spread around two tablespoons of crushed tomatoes. Next, add your cheese—we used both fresh and low-moisture mozzarella.

Step 3: The Bake

I launch my Baking Steel Original after preheating my oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. When this pizza touches that blazing hot Steel, magic will happen because I want all that heat to soak within my Steel.

Joe Rogan Inspired Pizza

The Moment of Truth

The tastes did a tango on my taste senses as soon as I took that first mouthful. The combination of flavors—the crunchy crust, the salty fish, and the pineapple bursts—was too powerful to resist. And just like that, I had a handmade pizza in my kitchen with pineapple and anchovies, inspired by Joe Rogan’s show. What is my opinion, then? I’m certain after having one (or three) slices that this pizza with pineapple and anchovies belongs on your plate. I say yes!

Why This Pizza Is More Than Just a Meal

To tell the truth, this included more than just cooking pizza with pineapple and anchovies. It was all about the excitement of making something new and trying things out. It was how I relished the small things in life that we sometimes take for granted. Every slice, in my opinion, has a story to tell, and this one was about creativity, curiosity, and having the guts to attempt something different—a special pizza recipe that was baked to perfection on a baking steel.

Share Your Own Pizza Tales!

It’s your time now. I’ve told my tale, and I’d be interested in hearing yours. Which handmade pizza is the craziest you’ve ever made? Has a program or podcast ever given you the idea to prepare a special meal? Share your tales in the space provided below, and let’s all enjoy the vast (and occasionally crazy) realm of pizza. Continue trying and baking, and who knows? Perhaps the unexpected will inspire your next pizza, too.

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