15 Dump and Go Slow Cooker Recipes

These Dump and Go Slow Cooker Recipes don’t require any pre-cooking or browning—just put it in and walk away! Easy crockpot dump dinners for hectic weeknights and back-to-school! There’s something for everyone, whether they choose chicken, beef, pig, or vegetarianism!

Because we like slow cooker dishes here at The Recipe Rebel!

Honestly, I wonder whether the slow cooker is the most popular kitchen equipment.

It appears that at least three gifts are given at each wedding shower, and it is one of the first small appliances to grace the kitchen counter in a new home. They are highly versatile!

After we had children, I became accustomed to using mine constantly. Kids have a knack of swallowing up all of your free time, don’t they?!?

I understand how stressful life can be, so I wanted to create a collection of dump and go slow cooker recipes—things you can just toss in and leave. There’s no need to remember to brown the meat, prepare the sauce, or make the pasta.

Set it and forget it.

Why do we love the crockpot?

We adore quick slow cooker recipes!
Cooking supper in the crockpot eliminates the need to stand over the stove for 30 minutes or an hour before dinner, preparing, chopping, and stirring.
Slow cooker dishes are ideal for days when you have more time to prepare supper early in the day.
If your children are in school and you have time to make supper at noon but not at 6 p.m., slow cooker recipes are for you.
Slow cooker recipes are ideal for those who work long days away from home or who return just in time to eat but not prepare.
If you love a slowly simmered soup or ultra moist roast, the slow cooker is for you.

I’ve got tons of other ideas and tricks, including my favorite slow cookers, down below!

But I know you came here for the finest dump and go slow cooker recipes, so here they are! Easy Crockpot Dinners for Every Night of the Week.

15 Dump and Go Slow Cooker Recipes

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