Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Savor the summer watermelon with a delectable cool beverage! Perfect for summer, our Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri is a delicious drink that showcases fresh watermelon in a frozen beverage!

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Summertime drinks, please! Although there aren’t many (yet) on SFS, the ones that are here are excellent. I should also mention that this one—our frozen watermelon daiquiri—is superior! It’s chilling, refreshing, and really delicious—everything you could want from a frozen beverage—let’s kick off the celebration! We’re having a great time testing this daiquiri, and you’re going to love drinking it!

What is a Daquiri?

A traditional daiquiri isn’t kept chilled. Actually, according to David A. Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing beverages, this is one of the six fundamental beverages. The traditional form consists of rum, citrus juice, sugar, or another sweetener, and is served simply up. Though many of us associate daquiris today with a fruity, vibrant frozen drink, its origins really lie in a straightforward, sophisticated cocktail.

Best Rum for Daquiris

Though you may use any type of rum for a frozen daiquiri, white rum is the ideal option for the sweeter frozen form since it will go well with the citrus tastes in this Frozen Watermelon Daquiri. A milder dark rum would be excellent as well, though. Longer aging in barrels gives a black rum its color and a deeper, more complex flavor that would dominate the watermelon’s delicate sweetness.

Ingredients Needed

  • Is there a fruit more iconic than summertime watermelon? The finest of it is showcased in this recipe!
  • Light Rum: Feel free to choose your favorite, but we really like this one because it’s not very fancy or spiced.
  • Fresh Mint: This Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri tastes even better with some fresh mint added! Mint and watermelon go hand in hand!
  • Lime Juice: Just the proper amount of zest to turn this frozen concoction become your new fave!
Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Easy to Make

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Freeze a portion of watermelon

This is what provides the desired flavor and texture to this frozen daiquiri without the need for ice! If you use ice cubes, the flavor of your drink will be diminished. However, if you freeze some watermelon, the water content of the fruit will remain, and its flavor will be preserved! We experimented with a couple methods to achieve this while maintaining the proper flavor and texture for a frozen watermelon daiquiri—the key being the frozen!

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Blend the lime juice and mint.

Next, mix some lime juice with the fresh mint to infuse that mint taste into the fresh lime juice, leaving the small bits of fresh mint out of your drink.

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Put in the Blender

It’s time to put your frozen watermelon cubes to a blender along with some fresh watermelon. Then squeeze in the lime juice with mint using a strainer! Naturally, with the rum!

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

combined and blended well! A wonderful thick frozen texture is produced by the combination of frozen watermelon cubes with fresh watermelon.

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

The simplest ingredients are used to create a frozen watermelon daiquiri that highlights the flavors of fresh, sweet watermelon. Serve it in your most enjoyable, colorful cocktail glasses!

Recipe Tips

Methods for freezing watermelons

To make this frozen fruit daiquiri, the easiest approach to freeze the watermelon is to chop it into cubes and then flash freeze it on a tray for around one hour. Move to a freezer-safe container after that. The cubes in your container will remain distinct in this manner.

How much time does it take for watermelon to freeze?

After doing the flash freeze, allow the watermelon to freeze for a minimum of three more hours. To make sure the watermelon is completely frozen, I normally prepare it the day before I want to make the frozen daiquiris.

Also, use fresh watermelon.

It has been observed that utilizing only frozen watermelon results in an excessively thick daiquiri consistency. Using a combination of frozen and fresh watermelon is the best approach to make a thick but yet pourable frozen drink. This will guarantee the best possible flavor of watermelon!

What is the earnings of this?

Makes two drinks, each approximately 10 ounces.

How best to assist them in

These are our favorite margarita glasses, and they hold around 14 ounces, so there’s plenty of space for this beverage. Make sure the glasses you use can carry at least ten ounces. You may use hurricane- or margarita-style glasses, such to this one. Use whatever fancy you have lying around!

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Watermelon Daiquiri frozen! The taste of fresh watermelon, the ideal quantity of rum, and the tastes of lime and mint all work together flawlessly. What a wonderful, vibrant, and delicious summer cocktail!

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Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Savor the summer watermelon with a delectable cool beverage! Perfect for summer, our Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri is a delicious drink that showcases fresh watermelon in a frozen beverage!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Drinks, smoothies
Cuisine American
Servings 2


  • 4 cups cubed watermelon divided
  • 1/3 cup light rum
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 6 large mint leaves


  • small triangles of on the rind watermelon
  • fresh mint leaves


  • Three cups of diced watermelon should be placed on a baking dish and flash frozen for one hour. Transfer to a freezer-safe container and freeze for a minimum of three more hours.
  • Muddle Mint and Lime: Grind mint leaves into the lime juice in a mortar and pestle. Add the mint leaves to the mortar and use the pestle to muddle them into the lime juice. If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, refer to the recipe notes.
  • Blend: Put one cup of freshly diced watermelon and three cups of frozen watermelon into a high-powered blender, such as a Vitamix. To capture the ground mint leaves, place a strainer over the top of the blender and pour lime juice into it. Pour in the rum.
  • Process until all of the watermelon pieces are smooth.
  • To serve, transfer the mixture into your preferred big margarita glass and top with more fresh mint and slices of watermelon!


Use fresh or bottled lime juice.
Rum: Use your preferred light rum; the heavy stuff is better reserved for marinades or other specialty cocktails!
Mint: The best kind is fresh mint, but you can also use one tablespoon of your preferred simple syrup and one tablespoon of reduced lime juice.
Without a mortar and pestle, muddle
Use a glass cup and the end of a wooden spoon in place of a mortar and pestle if you don’t have one. Simply add the lime juice and mint to the glass, then crush the mint with the wooden spoon’s end.
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