No-Yeast Pizza Dough

Introducing your new go-to recipe for making homemade pizza in a flash – a no yeast pizza dough that can take you from start to finish in just 20 minutes! This yeast-free pizza crust isn’t just a lackluster alternative to traditional yeast-based pizza dough; it’s genuinely delicious and comes together quickly and easily. It’s a game changer for pizza night!

Pizza Dough

This pizza dough recipe is perfect for those situations when:

  1. You’re short on time and can’t wait for traditional dough to rise for hours.
  2. You’re out of yeast.
  3. You’ve made pizza plans but discover your store-bought flatbreads are no longer usable (yes, it happens).

In essence, it’s suitable for just about everyone! You mix the dough in a bowl, knead it for 3 minutes by hand, or pulse it for 40 seconds in a food processor, and it’s good to go. Add your favorite pizza sauce and toppings, bake for 12 minutes, and there you have it! Fresh, piping hot pizza straight from your oven in just 20 minutes. That’s even quicker than a home delivery! 😄

What yeast-free pizza tastes like

This no-yeast pizza dough isn’t just passable; it’s remarkably good! Here’s why:

  • It has enough structure to pick up slices, but it’s not thin and dry like a cracker.
  • The crust is flavorful and tender with a satisfying chew, even without yeast.
  • It achieves a nice color on the crust, unlike other no-yeast recipes that may require overcooking.
  • It tastes remarkably similar to traditional yeast pizza crust, although it won’t develop the puffy, bubbly edges of yeast pizza (because, well, science!).

Keep in mind that the base recipe uses bread flour, which has a higher protein content and provides that desirable chewiness similar to yeast pizza crusts. If you use all-purpose flour instead, you won’t get the exact same chewy texture, but it will still result in a seriously delicious pizza crust.

Here’s a close-up comparison of yeast vs. no-yeast pizza – as you can see, they’re pretty similar!

What you need for a yeast-free pizza dough

To make this quick and easy no-yeast pizza dough, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Flour: Bread flour is recommended for a better chew and crumb, similar to traditional yeast pizza crusts. It has a higher protein content. However, plain/all-purpose flour can still produce an exceptional crust. No need to make a special trip for bread flour if you don’t have it.
  • Baking powder: This is what gives the pizza crust its rise, replacing the need for yeast.
  • Sugar: Just a touch is used to enhance flavor and aid in browning the crust.
  • Olive oil: It keeps the crumb moist. Without it, the crust can be quite dry.
  • Salt: Essential for flavor.

So, whether you use bread flour or plain flour, you’re in for a delightful pizza crust!

How to prepare pizza without using yeast

Absolutely, the texture of this no-yeast pizza dough will be slightly different from traditional yeast-based dough, and that’s perfectly fine. Kneading it until it’s just combined and not worrying about achieving a super smooth texture is key. This dough is all about speed and convenience, and it will still yield a fantastic pizza crust with a wonderful flavor and texture. So, don’t fret if it’s not perfectly smooth after kneading!

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