How To Make Tomato Burrata Salad

Fresh tomatoes, creamy burrata cheese, fresh basil, and basil pesto are the main ingredients in this 15-minute side dish or appetizer that is best served throughout the summer. Any summer supper works well with this salad. It may be offered as a light lunch or snack! It makes a delicious starter to bring to get-togethers, barbecues, cookouts, and other summertime events!

Tomato Burrata Salad

Tomato Burrata Salad

This vibrant tomato burrata salad with basil pesto, olive oil, and lemon juice is a delicious addition to your collection of healthy summer meals. Even though it just has a few ingredients, it is quite tasty and presents itself elegantly on a dinner table. You may use tomato burrata salad as a side dish, an appetizer, or a quick gluten-free and vegetarian supper. It’s ideal for crowd-sharing during summertime gatherings like BBQs, potlucks, block parties, and picnics.

Burrata cheese, what is it?

  • Mozzarella cheese and cream are both components of the cow’s milk cheese known as burrata. While the interior of the burrata is filled with a creamy, soft core (essentially, fresh cream), the outside is made of Mozzarella cheese, a firm, soft cheese. It tastes rich and buttery. Similar to fresh, ball-shaped mozzarella cheese, burrata cheese often has a round form.
  • The area of Puglia, in the southern peninsular part of Italy, is where burrata cheese first appeared.
Tomato Burrata Salad

What distinguishes mozzarella and burrata cheeses?

  • Italian cheeses derived from cow milk make up both of these soft cheeses. They could have a strikingly similar exterior. Fresh mozzarella and burrata are both frequently packaged as medium-sized balls and sold typically in tubs of water.
  • Most frequently, cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk is used to make mozzarella cheese. Despite having a soft texture, the cheese feels elastic and maintains its shape when cut.
  • While the creamy interior of burrata cheese is loaded with delicious cream and curd, the rigid outside of the cheese is made of mozzarella. When you slice burrata cheese, the creamy center will spread out rather than keeping its form as mozzarella does. Compared to mozzarella, burrata cheese is more softer.

How to make tomato burrata salad

  • On each salad plate (or big serving dish), place cherry tomatoes that have been halved.
  • In between the tomatoes, place the burrata cheese. Each cheese ball can be cut in half or left intact.
  • Apply a layer of basil pesto. Lemon juice should be squeezed on top.
  • Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
  • Add a nice basil leaf garnish. You may use them whole or slice them up.
Tomato Burrata Salad

Relevant advice

  • Just before serving the salad, add the room-temperature Burrata cheese.
  • Make use of premium olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil that is packed in a dark container and marked as first cold-pressed is what I prefer to use. Such olive oil typically tastes peppery or fruity in a peculiar way.
  • cherry or grape tomatoes in vibrant colors. I used red and yellow cherry tomatoes in this dish. This gives your food more life and color and creates a stunning display.
  • Use pre-made basil pesto or prepare it from scratch a day or two in advance using my recipe for the greatest basil pesto, which includes toasted pine nuts and a tiny bit of mayonnaise for richness.


  • Embrace pine nuts. Only five minutes are needed to toast the pine nuts in a 350°F preheated oven. The nuts can burn rapidly, so watch the oven carefully. Pine nuts take on a lovely hue and texture when they are toasted.
  • Tomatoes. You may use whatever fresh tomato you prefer, including heirloom or Roma tomatoes, however I recommend cherry tomatoes. Even sun-dried tomatoes can be used for a taste boost.
  • Cheese. Use sizable fresh mozzarella cheese balls in place of burrata cheese if you can’t locate it.
  • In place of or together with basil pesto, use balsamic glaze or vinegar as a dressing.

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  • 10 oz grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes (different colors), sliced in half
  • 8 oz Burrata cheese
  • ¼ cup basil pesto
  • ½ lemon juice freshly squeezed
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • fresh basil


  • Add halved cherry tomatoes on individual salad plates (or on a single large serving dish).
  • Place burrata cheese in between the tomatoes. You can slice each ball of cheese in half or keep it whole.
  • Add droplets of basil pesto on top. Squeeze the lemon juice on top.
  • Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Top with fresh basil leaves. You can chop them up or use them whole.

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